What Exactly Does a Welding Contractor Do?

Welding Contractor

Welding is when metals are joined together by melting parts and using a filler to create a joint. This can be done with the help of different energy sources, such as a gas flame or electrical arc, to ultrasound or laser.

 Until the start of the 20th century, this was performed using a method referred to as forge welding, this means heating up pieces to be adhered and hammering them until they fuse together. However, when electricity arrived, this technique was made much easier and faster, and it played a vital role in the industry during the first and second World War. There are numerous welding techniques which are now used by a professional welding contractor. Which is why we at Los Panchos Welding LLC in Commerce City, CO have provided some methods we perform in our service.

 Arc welding is a technique which uses electrical current and can be done with inexpensive equipment.

 Gas Welding is commonly used for repair work, more so on piping and tubing. It is used regularly within the jewellery industry, in addition to connecting plastics and other such materials which are unable to withstand high temperatures.

 Resistance welding uses additional sheets of metal to surround the pieces looking to be welded. It is more environmentally friendly than all the rest; however, the equipment is expensive and can’t be used for all jobs.

 Energy beam welding is one of the most modern methods today. This is fast and extremely accurate; however, the expensive equipment makes it hard for many industries.

 Welding can’t be performed on all metals, as some materials, like stainless steel, will crack and distort when it is overheated. Alloys are also problematic, due to the fact it is difficult to know the chemical composition of a metal. Welding has become more automatized over the past few years, and using robots is now common in certain industries.

 So, if you need a professional welding contractor, call us now at (303) 323-4794.


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