Welding Service: Want to Know More about Hazards?

 WeldingWelding is a risky profession. Welders use dangerous and sharp tools to create different metal products. Although their work is extremely important for all industries, several health risks can occur causing various illnesses. What are the most common issues associated with a welding service:

  • Chemical. In order for some metal parts to be assembled, they have to be melted at¬†very high temperatures. When working with metal compounds and alloys, such as Zinc Oxide, Magnesium Oxide, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum, etc., certain fumes are released into the air. When welders breathe them, they can get sick from respiratory and lung diseases. Expended exposure to mercury, lead, carbon monoxide, and UV radiation can deteriorate people’s health rapidly. Additionally, explosions, burns, and fires are threats that fall into this category.

  • Ergonomic. Welders suffer constant injuries too. Even though they work with modern and contemporary tools and equipment, occasionally, they are expected to lift heavy steel parts and sheets for bending and joining. Also, very often, they have to work in strange and inconvenient body positions allowing them to perform their multiple tasks. Lifting heavy tools and welding guns is another matter, as well as falls of heavy parts on their feet.

  • Physical. Everybody knows that welding is a noisy profession. Loud noises lead to different ear problems. Their hearing is put at a great risk. These exceptional specialists often work outdoors, resulting excessive heat and cold. Those two extreme conditions can cause various health issues as well. Heat stroke and freezing are very common conditions that can be fatal in absence of immediate medical attention.

  • Psychological. This group of hazards include stress related to all welding jobs. Sometimes, welders work on extended hours which can present additional health risk for them.

  • Conclusion. When working with metal and steel, workers must take maximum safety measures allowing them to get the job done in a safe and efficient manner. Adequate training in health hazards and welding procedures must be taken on a regular basis to help them prevent injuries and wounds.

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